How to Play

How to Play

Buaksib fantasy cricket is probably the best fantasy game for you if you love playing every day! If to play this fantasy game online to earn real money is your dream, well, with Buaksib, you can do it daily.

Simply watching cricket matches every few days just doesn’t cut it these days. By playing fantasy cricket on Buaksib daily, with the daily point bonuses that you win just for checking in each consecutive day, you stand to earn a hefty profit!

But how does this actually work? How to play fantasy game, that is, Cricket, and earn real money off of it?

Fear not! We will guide you, step by step, into the fascinating world of fantasy cricket.

Here are the basic rules and playing patterns with which you can successfully navigate this platform:

Your Buaksib playing account’s home page, beneath the “Cricket” option, will feature a list of upcoming cricket matches, be it test matches, T20 or even T10 ones. Pick any of these ongoing or imminent cricket fixtures of your choice.
Buaksib is the best fantasy game app out there for cricket lovers, who just can’t get enough of the sport.
Join any Buaksib cash contest (free or practice contests are also available) not only to earn real money, but also simply to improve your strategic skills.
You can also create your own private contest and play with your friends. For private pools, you have the option to create or join a contest. So, instead of selecting a match, you can directly generate or copy a league code, taking you to your private contest!
Once you click on a match of your selection, there will pop up an option to “Create Your Team” at the bottom of your screen.
Now is the time to apply your cricket acumen and showcase your skills to create your Buaksib dream team.
  1. Choose 11 of your favourite players, from either side - though you must ensure the side you think will win should be the one having more players in your selected line-up. You have to pick at least 1 (and at most 6) from each of the following four player positions in cricket line-ups:
    WK Wicket-Keeper
    BAT Batsman
    AR All Rounder
    BOW Bowler
  2. To make informed decisions in building a team, refer to each individual player's performance stats by clicking on that player's icon.
    Then, use strategy to compile players based on their stats, teams, credits, or points - and of course, based on your knowledge about the current affairs in the cricket world!
    You must keep an alert eye on the number of players you add to your team as well as the weight you give to each player position in your final 11-man team.
  3. Once you have finalized your 11 cricketers’ dream team, it is a must to pick out, from among them, your Captain, Vice-Captain, and Key Player.
    These are the players you can earn real money off from the most!
    That is because:
    • Captain – Gets 2x points scored by him in the actual game
    • Vice Captain – Gets 1.5x points scored by him in the actual game
    • Key Player
  4. So, within a budget of ₹ 100 salary, create your ideal team of 11 players.
    You also have the option to create multiple teams, with which you can join contests using up-to 50 - that's right - 50 teams!
  5. Finally, just make sure that you submit your curated team before the deadline for that specific match.
Great news - you can make as many changes to your Buaksib teams as you need before the deadline of that match passes!
In fact, Buaksib also gives you the freedom to alter your selected Captain or Vice-Captain, but until the deadline of the match only.
Go to the “My Contests” section in the Menu Bar, and survey your list of teams for any upcoming matches. (You cannot edit teams for matches that are already “Live” or “Completed”).
By clicking on the team you wish to change, you’ll be met with many options, including the option to “View” your team or even “Switch” your team, via which you can replace your team with an entirely different line-up that you may have also curated before. To just fix your current line-up itself, select the “Edit” button to make changes to your team.
You can use this feature to make sure your team’s line-up keeps up with which of your players are playing the match and you can thereby keep your team updated at all times, until the very last hour. Manage your teams by using the “Switch” or Edit” features to match the starting line-ups that are announced in real time.
Watch cricket games live in action and track your fantasy point scorecard to know your real-time position and rank on Buaksib’s fantasy cricket contests.
Remember! -
  1. Strike rate scoring applies only to strike rate below 70 runs per 100 balls.
  2. In the event of run-outs with a contribution of 3 or more players from the fielding side in taking the wicket, points will be awarded only to the chronologically last 2 players involved in each run-out.
  3. Substitutes on the field will not be awarded points for any contribution they make.
  4. In case of a real-life player’s transfer in the intervening period between scheduled updates, such transfer shall not be reflected in the roster of players until the next immediate scheduled update.
    So, while the transferred player may show as available for selection in the transferred (new) team's Buaksib roster of players for any Contest during the intervening period, no points will be attributed to such transferred player in such a Contest.
Win cash prizes and earn real money for your highest-scoring line-ups. And you can withdraw your winnings from your verified Buaksib account instantly, and at any time you please (within the app limit)!
For more information on the withdrawal process, refer to our FAQs section.
Now that you know the in and out of fantasy cricket, play on and game ON!!
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